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Paris + Katie // TEASER

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Dustin + Natalie // Teaser

Alex + Ben // Feature Highlight

Nicholas + Eleni // Perfect Match

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We highly recommend having a wedding photographer that is as creatively candid as we are.
Here are some touching moments that our preferred photography team captured, with love.
For more touching moments, please visit Wedding Soul Story and let’s discuss a combined package offer.

About Cinemotive

We are a simple creative team with one key objective, to capture your wedding day as unobtrusive as possible. Based in Sydney Australia, our skills are only focused on weddings, that's all we do, and we do it well, anywhere in the world!


We capture moving images that are both beautiful and powerful in the way they drive the scene on your day. We don’t just point-and-shoot, its an ability to spot a well composed moment and capture it effortlessly. These skills can only come from years of experience with over 300 weddings under our belts.


This is where the magic begins to unfold. The editing process is responsible for assembling those beautifully captured moving images into a story that both represents and defines the couples personality and the key moments and styling that went into making the wedding.

Audio & Dialogue

Audio and dialogue is an important element in the production of your wedding film, it sets the foundation that ‘strings’ the moving images together. We utilise a variety of unobtrusive recording devices that capture the key stages throughout day, including ceremony vows, church readers, musicians and most importantly the reception speeches.


Our production capabilities pretty much brings all the elements together into a finished product for your lifetime memory. This can be provided in a number of media formats, including DVD, Blu-Ray, USB and online streaming of the final edited work. Our production efforts extend off-site as well, such as Same Day Editing (SDE) or wedding pre-shoots to create a bigger story of your day


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