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Captivating 30-40 Minute Cinematic Experiences

The Magic of Episode-Long Edits: A CineMotive Experience

At CineMotive, we believe that every wedding is a unique story, and we are privileged to be the ones to capture it. Our exclusive episode-long edits are a testament to this belief, designed to bridge the gap between our concise 5-minute highlights and extensive 2-3-hour video edits. These 30-40-minute cinematic edits are not just videos, they are a sensory journey that brings your wedding day to life.

So what's included in this edit?

Preps, getting ready

The moments leading up to your wedding are a whirlwind of emotions. Our episode-long edits are not just about capturing these moments, but about preserving the emotions and preparations of the day. We also highlight cultural traditions, complete with live audio of drums, musicians, singing, and more, adding an authentic touch to your wedding story and evoking the sentimental feelings of the day.

Wedding Ceremony

The ceremony is the heart of your wedding day, and our episode-long edits are designed to make you feel like you’re right there, immersed in the moment. We capture all the essential moments, from establishing shots of the ceremony location to the bride walking down the aisle and the vows exchanged. Our edits condense the ceremony into a sweet 8-10 minutes, featuring the first kiss and the end of the ceremony as a married couple. You’ll experience the essence of your ceremony without the lengthy 40-minute duration, but with all the cinematic immersion.

Photoshoot (After the Ceremony)

Your photo shoot is a time to capture those picture-perfect moments with your bridal party. We highlight the best moments of your photoshoot, accompanied by music to set the mood. These candid and posed shots create lasting memories of your special day.


The reception is where the celebration truly begins. We start with establishing shots of the venue and the entire entrance of the bridal party. Our edits include the best parts of the speeches (1-2 minutes from each speaker) and key moments like the cake cutting, first dance, and father-daughter dance. 

For weddings with cultural dancing, we include up to 1 minute of each traditional dance segment (up to 5-6 conventional dance tracks), with live music recorded for these segments. We finish with a montage of dancing highlights over one or two music tracks, capturing the joyous atmosphere of your reception. The edit concludes with the bouquet/garter throwing and the final exit from the reception, ensuring every significant moment is remembered.

Why Choose an Episode-Long Edit?

Our episode-long edits provide a comprehensive yet concise narrative of your wedding day. They are perfect for couples who want to relive their special day without committing to a full-length video. These edits balance vital moments and highlights, creating a cinematic experience that captures the essence of your wedding.

At CineMotive, we are committed to creating wedding memories that are truly unforgettable. Our episode-long edits are a testament to our dedication to storytelling and uncompromising quality. Trust us to bring your unique wedding story to life with a cinematic edit that you’ll treasure forever.

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