Wedding Cinematography Capturing Every Beat of Your Love Story

Captivating Video Edits

A typical wedding video package includes a Teaser, a Highlight video, and a Long video edit.
This page showcases our teaser and highlight video examples, giving you a glimpse of the captivating moments we capture and the storytelling magic we weave into each frame of your wedding day.

Teaser Edit : 1-2 mins

Perfect for social media posts, offering a snapshot of your wedding day in a concise 1-2 minute video. They provide a sneak peek into the magic of your special day and delivered within 2-4 weeks after the wedding.

Highlight Edit : 5-10 mins

Typically ranges from 5 to 10 minutes in duration and serves as the main showpiece, allowing you to share the key moments of your wedding day with relatives and friends. You can choose music or leave it up to us.

Long Video Edit : 1-3 hrs

Our long video edit process, which typically spans 1 to 3 hours, is designed to capture the essence of your wedding day, featuring significant moments in full. Such as Ceremony and Reception formalities.

Episode Long Edit : 30-40 mins

Offering a 30-40 minute captivating narrative that bridges the gap between our concise 5-minute highlights and comprehensive 2-3 hour video edits. Immerse yourself in a visually stunning journey thoughtfully crafted to engage your senses


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