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A Journey of Creative Evolution
John Poulakis - Director / Founder
Kristy Power - Production Manager

Our Founder: John Poulakis

Nestled within the heart of Sydney, Cinemotive stands out with its dynamic team of talented photographers and cinematographers dedicated to delivering exceptional quality and service.

Led by founder John Poulakis, a visionary with a background in Graphic Design and Communications, our studio’s driving force has always been a passion for storytelling through the lens of a camera. John’s innate ability to capture love, emotion, and the essence of each moment is at the core of Cinemotive’s philosophy.

A note from John...

As a wedding photographer and videographer, I often feel like I'm experiencing weddings in a deeply immersive and almost surreal way, as if Im part of a dream. . Each wedding unfolds before me from the best possible point of view, giving me a unique, immersive experience. I'm not just an observer—I'm part of the dream itself.

Family Man and Musician: The Man Behind the Lens

Beyond his creative pursuits, John is a devoted family man, a loving father to two, and a dedicated partner. His personal experiences have shaped his approach, infusing every project with a deep understanding of the emotional connections that make each story unique.

In a nod to his creative versatility, John also has a musical past. As a bass player, he was a prominent figure in the Sydney live music circuit for seven years during the 90s.This background in music adds another layer of artistry to his storytelling, allowing him to capture not only visuals but also the soulful rhythm of every moment he frames.

Passing on the Vision: Our Talented Team

John has passed on his vision for capturing love and emotion to his hand-picked team of photographers and cinematographers. Each member of our talented team is dedicated to upholding John's commitment to excellence in storytelling and capturing the essence of life's most precious moments

The Backbone of Cinemotive: Meet Kristy Power

However, the studio's backbone is none other than Kristy Power, Cinemotive's Production Manager (John's "real boss," as he humorously puts it). Kristy plays a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless production of all projects, always in alignment with the distinctive Cinemotive style. Supported by our in-house team of photo and video editors, who intimately understand John's vision, Kristy and her team are the driving force that brings every project to life, allowing us to continue crafting the remarkable stories that define Cinemotive.

Meet the core team and discover why Cinemotive is the perfect choice for capturing your special day.

Alex Dona: Senior Video Editor
Meet Alex Dona, our in-house senior video editor extraordinaire. With a knack for crafting captivating short social media teaser reels and a mastery of long-form documentary edits, Alex is the go-to guru for all things video.

An award-winning Sydney-based creative, Alex is a seasoned writer, director, producer, editor, and actor. With over 8 years of industry experience, he has led teams on a wide array of projects, including feature films, shorts, web series, and music videos.

As a valued asset to the Cinemotive team, Alex brings his expertise and creative flair to the wedding industry, expertly weaving together moments to create moving and unforgettable edits that truly capture the essence of your special day.
Simon Gorges: Principal Photographer and Photo Editor
Meet Simon Gorges, our principal photographer and photo editor extraordinaire. A lucky duck indeed, Simon is not only a devoted father to two beautiful children, Hunter & Halle, but also a loving husband to his tremendous wife, Carly.

With a wealth of professional photography experience, Simon specialises in capturing authentic emotions. His style is natural, candid, and unscripted, ensuring that every moment he captures tells a genuine story.

Simon believes that wedding photos are essential because they tell the story of one of the most significant events a couple in love can share. He understands that having quality photos is one thing, but images that capture all of the raw emotions and candid moments of the day can truly tell the best story of the day’s events and forever carve them into the history of a loving relationship.

With over 10 years of industry experience, Simon is a great asset to Cinemotive and a valued contributor to not just photographing, but also photo editing, and streamlining our production processes to best serve our couples.
Tim Harris: Principal Photographer
Meet Tim Harris, our principal photographer who believes that photography should always tell the truth. Whether it's capturing the essence of a wedding day, a family portrait, or a pre-wedding shoot, Tim's goal is to produce images that are real, honest, and true.

With over a decade of experience in the industry, Tim understands that storytelling through photography is not always straightforward. He works tirelessly to capture every moment authentically, ensuring that his photos transport you back to the moment they were taken.

Tim firmly believes that there's no need for extensive post-production when the photos themselves already tell the story. Instead, he focuses on being present in the moment, capturing the genuine emotions and interactions as they unfold.

As a principal photographer, Tim works closely with each couple to ensure that they get the most out of his expertise. His dedication, sense of humour, and vibrant personality make him a valued member of the Cinemotive team, and a favourite among our couples.
Raj Sing: Principal Cinematographer
Meet Raj Sing, the heart of our Cinemotive style. With over 8 years of dedicated service to Cinemotive, Raj is a cornerstone of our team, bringing his expertise in cinematography production to every project.

Raj's skills encompass every aspect of cinematography, from shooting and lighting to audio, ensuring that every frame we capture is nothing short of perfection. His extensive experience extends beyond weddings, as he has also worked as a lead cinematographer and Director of Photography (DOP) in feature films, keeping his passion for storytelling alive.

Despite his impressive resume, Raj remains humble and approachable, earning him the admiration of both our team and our couples. His non-obtrusive approach on wedding days ensures that every moment is captured authentically, without disrupting the natural flow of events.

A dear friend to us all, Raj brings a unique blend of professionalism, talent, and warmth to every project he undertakes, making him an invaluable asset to Cinemotive.

Gabriel Machado: Principal Photographer
Meet Gabriel Machado, our beloved principal photographer and a cherished member of the Cinemotive family. Gabriel has been with us since the beginning, infusing our team with his approachable personality, and warm South American charm.

With his deep-hearted kindness and friendly nature, Gabriel quickly becomes a favourite among our couples. Known for his love of coffee and siestas, he brings a refreshing energy to every shoot, earning him the affectionate nickname "Coffee-drinking, siesta-loving Mexican Labour."

Gabriel's photography skills are truly exceptional, capturing the essence of every moment with authenticity, love and grace. His keen eye for detail and ability to connect with our couples ensures that each image reflects the unique beauty of their love story.

A valued member of our team, Gabriel's passion for photography shines through in every shot, making him an indispensable asset to Cinemotive.

Mikey Phan: Principal Photographer
Meet Mikey Phan, our favorite little man with a massive heart and an unparalleled passion for photography. Mikey has been an integral part of the Cinemotive family since the very beginning, infusing our team with his unique style and unwavering dedication.

With his edgy and modern approach to photography, Mikey adds a distinctive flair to Cinemotive's signature style. His love for cars, especially his own distinct little red Mazda MX5 racer, reflects his boundless energy and commitment to excellence. Rest assured, Mikey has no problem arriving on time to capture every moment of your special day.

Adored by our couples for his big warm heart and friendly nature, Mikey brings a level of expertise to our photography that is truly exceptional. His ability to connect with people and capture their essence in every shot makes him an invaluable asset to Cinemotive. Simply put, everyone loves Mikey.
Raffie Tarakjian: Principal Cinematographer
Meet Raffie Tarakjian, our esteemed principal cinematographer who has been an integral part of the Cinemotive family for over 9 years. With his unparalleled passion and unwavering commitment, Raffie is not just a trusted team member but also a dear friend to us all.

Bringing a wealth of expertise in commercial film production, Raffie specializes in audio recording and excels in capturing our long-form wedding films. His mastery of our multi-camera setup ensures that every angle and moment is flawlessly documented, delivering cinematic masterpieces that exceed expectations.

With Raffie behind the lens, you can trust that your wedding day will be immortalized in all its beauty and emotion. His dedication to his craft and genuine love for storytelling make him an invaluable asset to the Cinemotive team.
Andres Prochuk: Principal Cinematographer
Meet Andres Prochuk, our charismatic South American principal cinematographer and cherished friend of over 6 years. Andres's expertise is unmatched, boasting extensive experience in both wedding and commercial cinematography.

With a keen eye for camera creativity and a passion for storytelling, Andres elevates every project he touches with his unique perspective and artistic flair. His unparalleled dedication to his craft inspires us all, making him an invaluable member of the Cinemotive family.

Beyond his technical skills, Andres's kind-hearted nature and unobtrusive approach make him a favorite among our couples. We feel truly blessed to have Andres on our team, where his warmth and talent shine brightly in every frame.
Hayley Onikul: Senior Video Editor
Meet Hayley Yeoh, our senior video editor extraordinaire. With extensive experience in both wedding and commercial video editing, Hayley brings a meticulous and passionate approach to her craft that takes our wedding films to the next level.

Her keen eye for detail and innate sense of storytelling elevate each project, ensuring that every frame shines with brilliance and emotion. Hayley's dedication to her work is unmatched, and her creative vision is truly inspiring.

A valued member of our team for over 5 years, Hayley is not only a masterful editor but also a dear friend to Kristy, our production manager. Together, they form an unstoppable duo, ensuring that every Cinemotive production exceeds expectations.

The Cinemotive Crew Unveiled: Where Quirky Meets Clicky

Step into our world behind the scenes, where our team’s quirkiest moments meet the click of the camera. From coffee-fueled brainstorming sessions to hilarious mishaps, get ready to chuckle and see the fun side of Cinemotive!


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