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A Journey of Creative Evolution
John Poulakis - Director / Founder
Kristy Power - Production Manager

Our Founder: John Poulakis

Nestled within the heart of Sydney, Cinemotive stands out with its dynamic team of talented photographers and cinematographers dedicated to delivering exceptional quality and service.

Led by founder John Poulakis, a visionary with a background in Graphic Design and Communications, our studio’s driving force has always been a passion for storytelling through the lens of a camera. John’s innate ability to capture love, emotion, and the essence of each moment is at the core of Cinemotive’s philosophy.

A Love for Storytelling and Global Perspective

John's journey into the world of photography and cinematography was born out of his love for storytelling, cultivated through years of working in Graphic Design and Communications. His career, which has taken him around the globe for various assignments, allowed him to explore diverse cultures and perspectives. John recognises that Australia, like his own experiences, represents a rich tapestry of cultural diversity, and he's committed to reflecting this in the stories he tells through his work

Family Man and Musician: The Man Behind the Lens

Beyond his creative pursuits, John is a devoted family man, a loving father to two, and a dedicated partner. His personal experiences have shaped his approach, infusing every project with a deep understanding of the emotional connections that make each story unique.

In a nod to his creative versatility, John also has a musical past. As a bass player, he was a prominent figure in the Sydney live music circuit for seven years during the 90s.This background in music adds another layer of artistry to his storytelling, allowing him to capture not only visuals but also the soulful rhythm of every moment he frames.

Passing on the Vision: Our Talented Team

John has passed on his vision for capturing love and emotion to his hand-picked team of photographers and cinematographers. Each member of our talented team is dedicated to upholding John's commitment to excellence in storytelling and capturing the essence of life's most precious moments

The Backbone of Cinemotive: Meet Kristy Power

However, the studio's backbone is none other than Kristy Power, Cinemotive's Production Manager (John's "real boss," as he humorously puts it). Kristy plays a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless production of all projects, always in alignment with the distinctive Cinemotive style. Supported by our in-house team of photo and video editors, who intimately understand John's vision, Kristy and her team are the driving force that brings every project to life, allowing us to continue crafting the remarkable stories that define Cinemotive.

The Cinemotive Crew Unveiled: Where Quirky Meets Clicky

Step into our world behind the scenes, where our team’s quirkiest moments meet the click of the camera. From coffee-fueled brainstorming sessions to hilarious mishaps, get ready to chuckle and see the fun side of Cinemotive!


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