Wedding Video Guidelines: Review and Editing Process

Welcome to Cinemotive’s Wedding Video Review and Editing Guidelines!

Your special day deserves a memorable and beautifully crafted video. This guide is designed to walk you through our streamlined video review process, ensuring that your wedding video is everything you’ve dreamed of and more. From initial delivery to final edits, we outline how you can actively participate in crafting a final product that captures the essence of your celebration. Let’s make your wedding memories perfect, together.

Initial Video Delivery and Review Process

At Cinemotive, we are dedicated to creating a wedding video that beautifully captures your special day. To facilitate this, we use Vimeo’s Video Review feature for delivering initial edits and collecting your feedback efficiently.

  • Easy Access to Review: We’ll upload your wedding video edit to Vimeo and share a secure “review” link with you. You do not need a Vimeo account to access this page, allowing easy participation for anyone you wish to involve in the review process (Learning Carton).

  • Time-coded Notes for Precise Feedback: You can click on any part of the video during playback to leave a time-coded note. This feature lets you specify exact moments for potential adjustments, ensuring precise communication and minimizing misunderstandings (Vimeo Help Center) (Learning Carton).

  • Organised Feedback Management: Feedback is organized by time code along the right side of the review page. If the feedback becomes too dense, you can hide notes to focus solely on the video, with the option to view them again as needed (Vimeo Help Center) (Learning Carton).

  • Efficient Resolution of FeedbackOnce addressed, each comment can be marked as resolved, helping track progress and ensuring no detail is overlooked. This organised system facilitates an efficient editing process that incorporates your feedback effectively (Vimeo Help Center).

Review Period and Approval Process

You have up to 14 days to review the initial edit of your wedding video. If we do not receive any feedback within this period, we will assume the video is approved with no changes necessary. Should you require more time to review the video, please email us with your request and an estimate of how much additional time you need. This ensures that we can schedule our workflow efficiently while accommodating your needs.

Editing Policies for Different Video Edit Types

Highlight Videos:

For highlight videos, we provide a singular opportunity for one round of changes if required. To ensure that all your preferences are met in this initial edit and avoid additional editing fees, we strongly encourage you to review your video thoroughly and compile all your feedback meticulously.

Detailed and precise feedback during this stage not only streamlines the editing process but also significantly reduces the likelihood of needing further modifications, which would incur additional charges.

Long Video Edits:
Audio Recording Methods:

Live (Ambient) and Lineout Recordings:

Ceremony and Reception: We tap into the DJ’s or venue’s audio systems to record live audio, which includes everything from music to speeches. This lineout method helps us capture the direct feed from the sound system.

Limitations: While this technique generally provides clear audio, we cannot guarantee perfection as the final output can be influenced by factors outside our control, such as the quality of the venue’s sound system or the DJ’s audio mixing.

Independent Recording Devices:

Ceremonial Vows: We often use a lapel recorder on the groom and, if permitted, on the priest to capture clear audio of the vows. This method is less dependent on external systems and offers a more personal audio capture of the ceremony.

Reception Speeches: Similarly, we attach a small standalone recording device to the microphone used for speeches during the reception. This ensures we capture the audio directly, independent of any fluctuations in the venue’s system.

Ambient Noise: While our recording devices are designed to capture speech clearly, they also pick up ambient sounds, such as background conversations and environmental noise. This is a natural aspect of live recording and can sometimes add to the atmosphere of the video, although it may occasionally capture unintended noise.

Our long video edits are crafted with meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to quality. We understand the importance of a flawless presentation in recounting your special day, so we do not typically include a standard round of changes. However, we are dedicated to correcting any errors that might occur during the editing process to ensure the highest quality output.

Possible Errors and Our Commitment to Correction:
Technical Issues:
– Blank Scenes: Transitions between clips might inadvertently result in blank scenes. We ensure these are detected and corrected.
– Missing Audio: The audio tracks should sync perfectly with the visuals. If there are instances of missing audio, we will restore the correct sound elements.
– Playback Interruptions: If the video does not play smoothly all the way through or stops unexpectedly, we will resolve any underlying issues to ensure seamless playback.

Proactive Error Detection: Our editing team employs a rigorous review process to avoid the necessity for changes after final delivery. We meticulously check for technical flaws and visual disruptions that could detract from your video’s narrative and aesthetic appeal. This proactive approach minimizes the likelihood of errors and ensures that your long video edit reflects the joy and beauty of your wedding day.

Additional Changes and Editing Fees

While we aim to finalise your video to your satisfaction within the first round of edits, we understand that sometimes further tweaks are necessary. If additional changes are requested after the initial round of feedback, these will be subject to an editing fee of $250 for every additional 30 minutes of editing time. This fee is designed to fairly compensate our editors for their extra time and effort.

We encourage you to be as thorough as possible during the first round of revisions to minimize the need for further changes and associated costs.

This approach ensures that we maintain a high standard of quality and efficiency, delivering a wedding video that you will cherish for a lifetime.

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