Meet Paul and Samantha

A typical Cinemotive wedding couple is real, friendly, and imaginative. They love to capture moments, feelings, and stories that last forever. Check out this example:

Meet Paul and Samantha, a couple deeply in love and overflowing with excitement as they plan their wedding day.

Samantha, a bubbly personality, is drawn to the beauty of life’s simple moments. She sees her wedding day as an event and a canvas for expressing her love and creativity.

Paul, her charming partner, is a hopeless romantic who makes Samantha laugh even in the busiest times. Together, they share a passion for adventure, and an appreciation for the finer things in life.

Their video sneak peek teaser...

As a Cinemotive wedding couple, Paul and Samantha are not looking for any photography or cinematography service. They seek storytellers who can capture the essence of their relationship – the stolen glances, the heartfelt embraces, and the laughter that fills the air. They value authenticity above all else and want their wedding day to reflect who they are as individuals and as a couple.

"We want things to look as natural and in the moment as possible. We hope the edit and photography capture our wedding day's unique moments and emotions"
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However, Paul and Samantha are also camera-shy to a certain point and prefer candid moments over posed shots.

They are not fans of overly staged or ‘posey’ photographs; instead, they long for images that capture the genuine emotions and spontaneous interactions that make their love story unique.

Paul and Samantha are excited to work with Cinemotive because they share their vision and understand their desire for a wedding day that feels uniquely theirs. 

Feeback and responses from the couple, post wedding day...

You guys smashed it!! These pictures so perfectly capture our day! Thanks for our beautiful caption xx

Samantha (Bride)

You are incredible, John and the whole Cinemotive team! How awesome is this! Thank you for perfectly capturing our special days; we are so grateful! We LOVE these videos THANK YOU!!!

Samantha (Bride)

AHHHH JOHN, YOU AND YOUR TEAM ARE AMAZING!!! We cannot stop looking over these photos; we love them; you have captured the day so perfectly! We can’t thank you enough; you are an expert at your craft and deliver it with a beautiful warmth. Thank you, Sam and Paul, xxx

Samantha (Bride)

Johhhhnnnnnn!!!!! You guys smashed it!!!! Love, love, love what you guys have created for Paulie and Sammie!!!! I can’t stop watching this over and over again…. Omg, the emotions of the day are still in our souls…. Just pure magic!!! You and your team should be proud of how happy and special you make married couples feel! Massive THANK YOU to you ALL, the Still family

Soula Stillianis (Mother of the Bride)

Their main video highlight edit...

Our wedding video highlights, typically ranges from 5 to 10 minutes in duration and serves as the main showpiece, allowing you to share the key moments of your wedding day with relatives and friends. You can choose music or leave it up to us.

A notable email from the Mother of the bride...

Dear John and staff at Cinemotive

Where do I begin ??

You are an absolute legend John, for so many reasons.

Firstly, your ability to capture milestone moments through a lens is beyond words, but more importantly, for being such a wonderful person.!

After meeting you, I now understand why Samantha and Paulie were drawn to you from their first meeting with you.  You filled the brief with the mood they both dreamt of and went above and beyond to go out of your way on Sunday.

Our children were beyond ecstatic about that.  Having you there again was very special to us all. You and Tim just floated around doing your thing so effortlessly that we didn’t even notice you at work; you even managed to hypnotise Samantha into all the poses she would cringe at doing.

Samantha knew you had a calm that she wanted on that day and boy did you deliver !!!! Tim was equally a delight in our home! The photos he took were breathtaking!!! But beyond the talent, you both just fit into our day. So for that, we will be forever grateful to you both.

Then… to top off our wedding weekend extravaganza, we woke up to the sneak peak pics … OMG !!!  We are blown away already !!!! There are no words to describe these feelings … just a huge epic THANK YOU to you and ur extraordinary staff !!! We look forward to seeing you again in February for Samuel and Georgie’s wedding … they are beyond excited to have you capture their special day, too. 

Sending you a heartfelt thank you.

Regards, Soula and Con
(Samantha’s parents)

Soula Stillianis (Mother of the Bride)

A sneak peek at their wedding photo gallery...

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