Long Video Edit - the process

As a general rule, when editing our long video packages, typically 2 or 3 hours in duration, we aim to create a video that encapsulates the significant moments of your wedding day. However, please review your booked package details carefully. In some instances, the long video package may include the ceremony and reception formalities only, with no long video editing of preparations or reception dancing. This is specified in your package details, based on the initial discussions prior to booking. 

Our editing process begins by prioritising the core segments of your day, maintaining a structured order to ensure that we edit the most important moments comprehensively:

  1. Church Ceremony++: The heart of your wedding day, we prioritise editing the ceremony itself in its entirety. This includes key moments like your vows, ring exchange, and any rituals or traditions that hold significance for you.
  2. Reception Speeches++: This segment takes precedence after the Church Ceremony, the heartfelt speeches (in full), the cake cutting, first dances (both the bride and groom and sometimes the parents and bridal party). These moments often define the emotional essence of your wedding day.
  3. Reception Entrances++: Following the speeches, we focus on editing the reception entrances, which encompasses the arrival and grand entrances of the bridal party and the newlyweds. We ensure this part is edited in full to capture the excitement and joy of this moment.
  4. Reception Other Formalities++: This segment takes precedence after the reception entrances. Here, we cover a wide range of possible events, such as special performances, the bouquet toss, garter toss, and final farewells. 
  5. Morning Preparations: Your preparations are equally vital. We understand that cultural traditions can result in varying durations for the morning preparations of both the bride and groom. For example, if there are extended pre-ceremony traditions for the groom, we ensure to represent these moments authentically in the edit. If you’d like to adjust the duration of the groom’s preparations to match the bride’s, simply let us know, and we’ll make the necessary edits to align with your preferences.
  6. Reception Dancing Segments: While included in the long video edit package, the reception dancing segments are typically the last priority in our editing sequence. The exact duration of this part depends on the time remaining after we’ve covered all the other formalities.
  7. Room for Extension: If you find that you’d like to extend your long video edit to include more moments, i.e. reception dancing, you can extend your long video edit by 30-minute increments for a minimal fee of $280 per 30 minutes.

We adopt this structured order to maximise the time allocated to the most significant and cherished segments of your wedding day. By focusing on the core elements first, we can provide you with a complete and coherent long video edit. This approach is especially beneficial when you have a specific duration, such as a 2-hour long video edit in your package. It allows you to assess the primary moments before determining if you’d like to extend the edit to include secondary segments like preparations and reception dancing. 

We’re here to ensure your wedding video perfectly mirrors your vision and style, so feel free to share your preferences with us at any time.

Please note that our documentary edit does not include family photo shoots specifically posed for a photo moment.

++ While we endeavor to create a comprehensive and memorable video, we understand that you might have specific preferences or requests for creative alterations. Should you wish to make changes such as reducing the duration of the Church Ceremony to make room for other segments of your day, a creative edit fee will apply. This fee starts at $280 to cover the first hour of creative editing and incurs an additional $280 per hour for any extended edit requests beyond that. This ensures that our team can dedicate the time and expertise needed to craft an edit that perfectly suits your desires, providing a truly personalized touch to your wedding video. 

If you have any questions or require further clarification, please feel free to reach out. We’re here to ensure your wedding video is beautiful and a reflection of your special day.