The Episode Long Love Story!

Are you tired of short, quick wedding highlight videos that leave you wanting more? Do you dread sitting through hours of a 2-3 hour wedding documentary? , “The Episode Long Love Story!” is just the right length to capture all the special moments of your big day, without taking up your entire evening. 

You can sit down with your family and friends, pop some popcorn, and enjoy reliving your wedding day together. From the bride’s grand entrance to the groom’s emotional tears, we even include funny speech moments from the best man and groom, so you can laugh along with your loved ones. 

It’s the perfect option to showcase those special moments of your wedding day and create lasting memories for years to come.

So what's included in this edit?

The Episode Long Love Story follows a chronological order of your wedding day. Get ready to be amazed as we take you through the 4 key stages of your special day! CLICK ON EACH STAGE TO VIEW MORE DETAILS.

We know that the moments leading up to the wedding can be just as important as the wedding itself! That’s why we’ve included snippets of both the bride and groom getting ready. But wait, there’s more! If there are cultural traditions on the day, we’ll include those too! You’ll hear live audio of drums, musicians, singing, and more! 

Now it’s time for the main event! We’ve got all the important moments from the ceremony, but we’ve trimmed it down to the essentials. You’ll see establishing shots of the ceremony location, the bride walking down the aisle, and the all-important vows (with actual live audio!). We’ll also include the first kiss and the end of the ceremony as a married couple. No more boring 40-minute ceremonies, we’ve condensed it down to a sweet 8-10 minutes!

Strike a pose! It’s time to capture those picture-perfect moments with your bridal party. We’ve highlighted the best moments of your photoshoot with music to get you in the mood. Say cheese!

Now it’s time to party! We’ll start with some establishing shots of the venue before the full reception entrance of the bridal party. We’ll include the best parts of the speeches (1-2 minutes from each speaker) but if speeches are light, we could include them all! You’ll see the cake cutting, the first dance, and even the father-daughter dance moments (not in full). We’ve also got a montage of dancing highlights over one or two music tracks. But wait, there’s more! If there is cultural dancing, we’ll include up to 1 minute of each traditional dance segment (up to 5-6 traditional dance tracks) and even the live music recorded for these dance segments. We’ll finish it all off with the bouquet/garter throwing and the final exit from the reception. It’s time to dance the night away!