Photo Editing Process

Standard vs. Complex Editing

Our Photo Editing Process: Standard vs. Complex Editing

Discover the difference between our standard and more complex photo editing services at Cinemotive. Elevate your images with our professional touch, whether you need simple enhancements or intricate transformations.

Knowing the difference between ‘standard editing’ and ‘photo touch-ups’.

We shoot in a RAW image format. This means photos are captured in the most flexible and dynamic digital file format for post-production changes such as colour and exposure. RAW files contain more information than JPEG files, making them more pliable and dynamic.

For example, we will likely use flash to add light to various scenes during the reception evening. It is almost impossible to capture every flash photo with the proper exposure. Sometimes, images are slightly over or underexposed. Hence, shooting in raw format provides more latitude or scope to change the exposure afterwards.

Standard Editing – included in all photo packages

So raw photos are just that; they are RAW and require ‘cooking’ or editing, generally consisting of two-stage processes. This first stage of editing, otherwise known as a standard edit, is included in all our photo packages. Essentially, we apply a customised ‘colour filter’ to the raw format, which adjusts the image’s colour and exposure, otherwise known as a preset. For example, the highlights (super bright spots) are reduced, and the shadows (mid-tones) are raised to expose more of the background.

Once the initial preset is applied, we perform limited professional image EDITING (if technically possible) on the final set of images uploaded to your image gallery. These further tweaks consist of adjusting exposure, cropping, and rotating individual photos.

This process detailed above is essentially what editing photos consist of. It applies a customised colour filter (preset) and then makes further tweaks and edits to suit each image.

Complex Editing – additional service with a cost.

But what about photo touch-ups? How do these differ from standard editing? Photo touch-ups can include improvements and enhancements such as (very commonly) spot or blemish removal, acne pitting, scarring or another scar removal, stray hair removal, eye enhancement (such as clarity, exposure and saturation) and teeth whitening (desaturation and exposure increase). Touch-ups can be requested at a fee of $250.00 per hour.

So the difference between editing and touch-ups is that every photo will be ‘edited’ but touch-ups are a specific request from the customer which incurs an additional fee.


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