Understanding RAW
Video Footage

Understanding RAW Video Footage

If your booked package includes RAW video footage, please read below for important details and guidelines regarding this unprocessed treasure trove of moments captured on your special day.

RAW video footage

We often shoot in the FHD 10-bit format, which provides exceptional visual quality for your wedding videos. But what exactly is 10-bit video? Think of it as a richer palette of colors and tones that capture the subtleties and nuances of your special day more accurately, making your memories come alive with lifelike vibrancy and depth.

Now, let’s talk about the raw footage we’ve provided. It’s like having all the puzzle pieces before they’re put together to form the final edit. These are unedited clips captured throughout your wedding, creating a collection of moments each time the camera starts and stops. By the end of your special day, you’ll have hundreds of these clips, each a unique snippet of your story.

Our raw footage remains untouched – no clean-up, no enhancements, no color corrections, and no added high-quality audio from external sources. It faithfully preserves every detail, true colors, and lighting conditions exactly as they were originally captured. As a result, you’ll find varying clip durations, ranging from short, impactful moments to longer segments that encapsulate the atmosphere of your day.

When we deliver your raw footage, it comes on a PC-formatted 1TB hard drive. Depending on your package, you may either need to provide your own hard drive or have Cinemotive Studio supply it as part of your package.

Now, about viewing the high-quality 10-bit video files on your desktop. Desktops may face challenges playing these specialized formats right out of the box due to a lack of codec support. Codecs are like translation tools for your computer to understand and play back different types of video files. To ensure the best viewing experience for your wedding footage, it’s often necessary to install the appropriate codecs or use media players specifically designed to handle 10-bit content, like VLC. This ensures that you get to enjoy your memories in all their rich and vibrant glory.

Pros of getting raw footage:

  1. It’s good to have a backup, in case you ever lose your edited video.

  2. You will have everything filmed on your wedding day, even if it doesn’t get included in your final edited video.

Cons of raw footage:

  • You have to click every single clip to watch it.

  • On camera, audio picks up background noise


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