Video Highlight
Editing Styles

Explore our diverse range of Cinemotive video editing styles to add cinematic flair to your content. From dramatic storytelling to vibrant aesthetics, discover the perfect style for your project today.

(Short) Highlight Video Styles

We’re thrilled to offer you the opportunity to tailor your wedding video to perfectly match your vision and style. Your wedding day is unique, and the way we edit your video should reflect your personalities and the atmosphere of your special day.

To make this process easier and more fun for you, we’ve curated three distinct video editing styles. Each style has its own character and pace, ensuring we capture the essence of your wedding day just the way you want it.

Please take your time to view these samples and consider which style resonates with you and your wedding day vibe the most. Once you’ve made your choice, let us know, and we’ll work closely with you to create a video that perfectly encapsulates your unique love story.

1. Slow and Loving

Emphasising the beauty of intimate moments, this style involves gentle transitions, extended scenes, and more slow-motion shots. It’s perfect for highlighting romantic, emotional, and heartfelt aspects of the wedding day. Couples who appreciate a calm and loving atmosphere will love this style.

2. Balanced and Moderate:

Offering a mix of pace and sentiment, this style finds harmony between slow and fast moments. It combines smooth transitions with a moderate pace, incorporating some slow-motion scenes when needed. It suits couples who want a balanced storytelling approach, capturing both emotion and action.

3. Pacy with Energy:

Injecting enthusiasm and dynamism, this style features quicker cuts, upbeat music, and lively scenes. It’s ideal for couples who desire an energetic and engaging video that keeps viewers entertained. Expect more action, fun, and excitement in this edit style. This style is more ideal for our shorter 1-2 min teasers.

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